Thankful for Little Happiness

One day, I meditate, meet myself. As always, if you want to practice quietly, it means you need to take the time to stop from all the busyness and just take a break at this moment now. Silence reminded me to stop even for a moment, and to stop, really aware of what was happening. I only observe the thoughts and feelings that come and go in turn. Especially grateful for small happiness.

After meditation, I reflected on how I lived this life. One by one, I peeled slowly. I repeat the same thing every time after meditation. I like to enjoy time quietly. One thing was shocking and made me wonder. It turned out that many of the meetings I had wasted. Meet but only body. Meet but don't really meet.

On another day, I meditate again. After meditation, like before, I asked myself a question that seemed inescapable, “What do you really pursue until you keep hurrying?” Or, “What really chases you until you keep running?”

I remember the various events that I had experienced all this time, and was again shocked by the fact that of all the events, I did almost everything in a hurry. Meet a loved one, but only physically meet, while his mind rushes everywhere. Likewise, in various other moments. Eat while opening your cellphone, so you eat without really feeling the food. Or on vacation, but the mind still works.

Only then did I realize how “diligent” my mind went to the past and the future ... And so arrogant I sometimes felt that I had tamed the mind.

Since then, I have learned something as simple, basic training, but it's not easy to always do: Learning stops, and learning to realize what I'm doing. Be more aware here and now, rather than continue to dissolve with memories of the past and future dreams.

Lately, I need to repeat the training to be grateful for small happiness, some of them by:

— When meeting someone, especially a loved one ... I stop doing other things, and only make interactions with him. Listen to it wholeheartedly. Really appreciate his presence, and try to understand it. Really meet him, completely.

— When eating, just eat. No, while doing other activities. Eat slowly, and realize that you are eating. This is also known as: eating meditation.

— When I came out of the room, approached nature ... I paused, and looked around. Thank you for the beauty of the universe, as wells as plants and animals. Feel the elements of the universe such as: air, wind, soil, water, sun, moon, stars, and other simple but majestic things.

If we really can stop and realize the moment here-now, life will feel beautiful. And the pace of time was apparently not as fast as we thought. We are no longer hostile to time.

Are there training recommendations from you that can be used as an exercise to stop and just enjoy the moment here-now? Try writing in the comments column and tell me why you like doing it.

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