Anthropocentric, The Root Causes Of Environmental Degradation

The growing capitalization over the natural resources in the industrialization of social scientists make shifting context analysis of the causes of the occurrence of an environmental crisis on the paradigm of man as subject.

The monopoly of the global market that the economic power of hegemony evokes the human mind. The impact of that transformation is a change in the paradigm of looking at natural resources as production fields that can be used a source of economy.

Changing human interaction with the natural environment. They tend to be exploitative of nature, no longer considers nature as an entity that must be protected.

The change cannot be denied when the modern lifestyle is increasingly an integral part of the demands of the times. The rationality of thought then make man into beast. This is the beginning of the environmental crisis going on.

The transformation of this paradigm is called anthropocentric, which assumes that is people who became the center of all things. Viewpoints is also considered as the root cause of the problem created by the interaction between man and exploitative environment.

Anthropocentric into the narrative in observing how humans shape the ecosystem and also pose a threat to the ecosystem. The Summit, the implementation of this narrative was with the onset of climate change. For most parties, climate change is considered a myth, but in academic study, climate change is a real phenomenon.

For proof, look to a significant increase in sea water is a result of changes in permafrost on the northwestern part of Greenland. The phenomenon of melting of ice caused by increased geothermal arising out of environmental crisis. Will we then blame an aging nature? Of course not, climate change is fully due the savage man over nature.

Relying on anthropocentric, the derangement of natural resource economics mirrors how to exploit nature as an object of exploitation. In this reflection, new terms emerged in the utilization of living space, such as sleeping land, mastery, and exploitation. In this viewpoint, it is man who rules over nature. Nature becomes an object that can be squeezed to support human life.

The anthropocentric point of view way solely based on rationality would lead to alienation. He separates the humans from nature. This goes against the essential nature, because basically the environment where human life will never be separated from the question of humanity.

Anthropocentric and country

Anthropocentric impact turns out to be more widespread. He not only poison the human reason. However, it is also hegemony country through setting up natural resources.

Nature often becomes the object of the investment with regardless of its continuity. Nature becomes scarce. He encroached on by unscrupulous persons utilizing the natural capital into profits. Reasons of development often used State and corporations in tow as a pretext of exploitation.

The more consumption, Countries need more exploits or drain natural resources as raw materials. The more exploitation, resulted in a large number of expulsion and dispossession of the living space.

More and more people are driven off their land by yourself, the more guys selling energy to the capitalists as workers, both formal and informal. So, we've seen how the complexity of the empirical reality of the roots of the onset of climate change due to the shifting viewpoints towards nature.

It is this source in regard the question of the current environmental crisis is anthropocentric that extend the age of capitalism. Relation political economy with anthropocentric since the beginning of the parallel with the climate change. This discourse should be halted and it needs to be traced. Because with an impact that extends, we will continue to worsen over the destruction of the living space.

Customary Law, Solutions Change The Way Anthropocentric Perspective

Environmental damage continues to occur. Before the condition gets worse, then the necessary antidote for treating mixed poison anthropocentric pathology of the human mind and the State. We actually forget that it turns out there is a growing local wisdom and sacred nature. The value of that is manifested in customary law.

It has proven that indigenous peoples are the communities that appreciate and respect the nature and the surrounding environment. How will they survive the harnessing of nature with remain comply with norms and customary rules applicable to hereditary.

The rules and values ​​of culture are essentially bringing the good to them as well as the conditions of the surrounding environment. The balance between nature and man are set in such a way in customary law.

Indigenous people realize how they live depend heavily with nature. All activities are done in the fulfillment of the needs of nature. Good hunting, farming, fishing, build a House, etc., all these are the results that they get from nature.

To that end, creating harmony with nature, i.e., maintain, preserve, with no sustained damage is commonplace as a form of thank you and honor against nature.

Put the customary law as a way to take care of nature is one new level creating a balance between humans and the environment. The State need not bother to organize such nomenclature in safeguarding the environment. The Government is just simply acknowledge and respect the existence of indigenous peoples and applicable customary law.

After that? Let the law run with do I appreciate and respect nature. That way, at least we've managed to repay the debt to repay the kindness of nature to mankind.

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