When the Parents and Children Relations are Reduced

The child is grace that is irreplaceable by anything. Because its existence is proof that God's grace and have fully believe and presume you have deserved to be said as someone who has grown up. How does? caring for and raising children is not easy as it looks on the surface. An awful lot of problems you will encounter when God has entrusted to you.

The child is the fruit of love is present complement domestic life, but are easy to raise and educate a surrogate God? with highly dynamic human thought and also very diverse human way in responding to the situation. It made various form of expression of affection towards her son's parents and vice versa.

If viewed at one of the schools of thought in modern philosophy i.e. empiricism that is initiated by an English philosopher David Hume, who argues that human nature is basically clean it without any knowledge whatsoever when they are born then the knowledge acquired by humans is the knowledge that sticking to the process of experience or through the empirical.

So if it is associated with the actual conditions in terms of educating and bringing up the fruit our hearts can be urgent consideration. children will record all the things that he can see, hear, and feel. So the need for management atmosphere in every interaction because children have a tendency to mimic without any selective sorting process.

In the process of education or the fruit of the heart, the conflict is indeed necessary as a psychomotor stimulation in responding to a particular State or condition. However parents usually think that the reaction would be the same among one another. Often there are cases within the family there is a proud child diamana over his brother to another.

It is commonplace to happen in a family there are two chances of that happening. It is likely that the child will seek first to be in align and proud like his brother to another, and the possibility of more such children in fact it will be unreasonable to the environment and tend to act as his heart because the want to be recognized by the way and his true identity without having to be compared to others.

If linked to one of the theories of psychology, psychoanalysis, namely from one of Austria-born psychologist from circles of Vienna named Sigmund Freud, who argued that the human psyche is always in unstable conditions. For pure spirit that he described as an absolute consciousness never existed because it is essentially a human will always be influence by biological factors.

So the thinking of Freud could have inferred that man regardless of age will always be affected by these factors. Without exception even if such a person who has been deemed an adult though surely would never have a stable condition. If contextualized with the problem of educating and raising children then there is an interesting relationship.

So it's necessary for a fundamental understanding that parents are also not just be the subject of a process of education that, but must also be the object of a series of existing processes. Because it's often parents want to give the right direction to their children, but the parents themselves do not realize that everyday life that he show me in front of her son apparently doesn't support such processes.

To be able to give a little to explain the handling of the problem, I will give an example of a case I had ever experienced, some time ago, I happened to have a lover who was younger compared to me, about more or less five years under me. We've been a year, and I also have been very close to her family.

Any we did together always in the supervision of his parents. First I highly respect with their families because of the friendly approach, as long as I touch and perform their interactions with my initiative to conduct small observations about how the relationship between them, between him and his mother, between him and his father, between him and his younger brother, and between him and myself.

I will explain how the relationship started from him with his mother first. As a child who surely will have an initial education in his family environment, I think that she was deeply affected by her mother's behavior patterns. The reason is because almost every behavior is similar to what is done by her mother.

Especially on the behavior of the consumptive. It occurs because it may typically that is often done by his mother who are accustomed to buying food cooked for consumption of raw food materials on buying and cook it yourself at home, because busy with his business so that practical culture that made him so underestimate the money and wasteful in using it. But that makes me odd is her mother, who often complain when his son was wasteful and don't value money.

Then further on how the relationship between him and his father. Roughly I rate his relationship with his father was impressed and highly normative. However, in contrast to such assessment as well as with what applied in daily life. Then his father's position is compounded with the outside area because of business affairs. his father often reminded her to remain polite and courteous to people who behave in an age of more mature, but in reality is different.

He is often rude to his mother even said it myself, and often his mother often confide to me that he was puzzled by the attitude of his often said that his mother was rudely told me if she was hurt by her son's attitude. This may be due to the absence of a figure to be feared or feared at home so he felt free to do and be whatever he is.

Then about his relations with his brother, according to my judgment enough trying to communicate with her sister, was impressed that their relationship is only as if there is only a passive and impressed purposes. Lack of communication is quite good. So impressed was confusing their relationship while being assembled at home, because they rarely get together and communicate.

Later about something to do with my own. Maybe like a younger spouse relationship generally experiencing the present conflicts or quarrels and coloring the relationship a relationship, it's just the difference in intensity the more often. I initially took it okay, but then I started feeling weird because it's very close intervals between one conflict with the next conflict.

After I find out she did in fact have problems with relationships prior to mine. After I lived it turned out he never had a relationship in violation of the norms of decency. I'm pretty devastated by it and disappointed deep I originally tried to remain live and stay afloat but eventually ran aground because there is a third party.

Of all the reality and the facts in the case which I lift it, things could underline in the line, that the existence of a complete and parents participated in the process of maturity of the child is important, why so? The case of the main factors behind their position that parents are separated, the father is outside the area because of the necessity of working, while the mother is busy with her business, so communication is very low.

Things I criticism of the attitude of parents who impressed silence when his son did not by reason of any error, wants to make his son's mental drop, but it happens the son even feel what he did was not wrong and normal-normal, whereas in order of the existing norms and generally recognized by the public, some actions that he did is a serious violation of the norms of action and quite heavy.

If silence is a form of affection? Conversely, if it is a form of angry resentment? Sometimes we are not mature enough to understand both. If citing a common view Behaviorism which holds that human behavior can be developed using the gift or reward and reduced use of punishment or punishment. Then there should be a solution of the problems like this.

If parents only silent without any action at all either that the giving of reward for any good deeds so that it can continue to grow and the punishment for bad deeds to be reduced, if the pattern proved able to correctly we guided so that children can grow up and become responsible? Let's think again.

The display Windows of one of the tenets of the doctrine in Chinese philosophy, namely Confucianism which reads "do not ever do to other people, don't want others to do unto you". So if you want to have good communication and relationship with your child, never silence and passive impressed because of the shame, because the child will tend to do the same thing to you but with a very different motive.

In the end I took some conclusions drawn from my experience and make it as reflection against the problems of parents and children. Because for me one of the factors in the birth of a superior generation begins with a harmonious family and communicative character, because the child will be established starting from the family, if the family harmony, then all the positive activities and the learning process also will facilitate well.

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