Push Yourself Beyond Limits and Never Give Up, By Rafael Eliassan.

What if once upon a time, somebody told you that you are not good enough. That you are not capable. That you don't have what it takes. That you just can't make it happen. You're not strong enough. You just don't have it in you. And then, you took that opinion and you made it your reality.


What if you told yourself that every single day of your life. What if you actually let it affect you to such a degree that you couldn't do what you needed to do. Don't let somebody elses idea of you become your reality in your life. You're too good for that.  You have too much amazing potential to explore, to be changed by these thoughts.

And if you wanna begin to see what you're truly capable of. You're gonna have to step away from any kind of negative thinking about yourself. 

Don't you wanna see what you would be capable of? If you gave it your all. If you want all of it. If you decided that now is my time, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. What if you only set "it's my turn". Today is your day to step up. Today is your day to grab the championship. Step into your rightful place.

By committing to a higher level of performance. Because yourself further than you ever did before. No more excuses, no more bullshit. If you really want it so bad, then earn it. Doesn't that make you curious to think about all the great things that you could accomplish? If you only applied yourself fully, look at what you were able to do at fifty percent. Now imagine, if you want all it. Imagine if you committed. Imagine if this was it.

But you wanna know what happens when you don't use you mind to its fullest? When you don't apply yourself a hundred percent. When you hold back, when you let yourself get distracted. You think all of life's just for enjoyment you know. It really ends up happening. You set that part of your brain, that part of you becomes weaker. Focus, try, passion, commitment, dedication. They are muscles of the mind. Not something fluffy great idea that you should think about and imagine, if you could have these characters traits of you could live that life. It's part of you. But just like if you never went to the gym and workouts. Those muscles would be very weak. They're not trained. You haven't pushed yourself.  And even if you have, it's time to go further.

There are some things that only you can bring to this world. There are something gift, some talents that although you might compare yourself and think that person does it better than me. Or this person could do even more.

You have something special that absolutely nobody else can bring to the table. You've got it in you. And you know what? It's your obligation to bring it out. It's not an option. It's not something you do for fun. I was called to this. And something is calling you. To do more, to go further, harder this time. More energy, more efforts, more dedication, more commitment, more drive, more enthusiasm. You think that this is all of the amount of energy that you have? Are you kidding me? You're more than you.

You're going to have to raise your standards. That can happen right now? Or in 10 years? That dedication is up to you. But if you want things to change. You must change.

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