Live Your Dream. Just Remember, there's No Such Thing as a Smooth Mountain.

It is not death most people are afraid of it is getting to the end of life, only to realize that you never truly lived.

There was a study done, a hospital study, on 100 elderly people, facing death close to their last breath. They were asked to reflect about their life's biggest regret. Nearly  all of them said they regreted not the things they did, but things they didn't do. The risk they never took. The dreams they didn't pursue.

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I asked you, what your last words be if only hadn't. Hey you, wake up! why did you exist? Life is not meant to simply work, wait for the weekend and pay rent. No. No, I don't know much, but I know this. Every person on this earth has a gift. And I apologize to the black community, but I can't no longer pretend.  Martin Luther King. That man never had a dream. That dream had him. See, people don't choose dreams. Dreams choose them.

So the question I'm getting to, is "do you have the courage", "to grab the dream that picked you?", or "would you left it get away and slip through?".

You know I learned a fact about airplanes the other day. Now this day, this was so surprising. See, I was talking to a pilot and he told me that, many of his passengers think planes are dangerous to fly. But, he said actually,  it is a lot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground. So what, like how does that sound well ground, the plane starts to rust, malfunction and wear, much faster than it ever would if it was in the air. As I walked away I thought, yeah makes total sense. Because planes were built to live in the skies. And every person was built to live out the dream they have inside. So, it is perhaps the saddest loss to live a life on the ground without ever taking off.

See, most of us are afraid of the thiefs, that comes in the night to steal all of our things. But there's a thief in your mind who is after your dreams. His name is doubt. If you see him call the cops and keep him away from the kids.  Cause he is wanted for murder for he has killed more dreams than failure ever did. He wears many disguises and like a like a virus will leave you blind and divided and turned you into a kinda. See, kinda is little. You know what kinda is? It's a lot of kinda people. You kinda want a career change. You kinda want to get straight A's. You kinda want to get in shape.

Simple math, no numbers to crunch. If you kinda want something, that you will kinda get the result you want. What is your dream? Would it nice that smart. You can't kinda want that? You gotta wonder with every part of your whole heart. Would you struggle? Yeah, you will struggle no way around it. You will fail many times, but who's counting?

Just remember there's no such thing as a smooth mountain. If you wanna make it to the top then, there are sharp ridges that must be stepped over. There will be times you got stressed and things you get depressed over. But, let me tell you something. Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school three times. Three times but kept going. The television execs fired Oprah said she wasn't fit for TV. But she kept going. Critics told Beyonce that she couldn't sing. She went to depression, but she kept going.

Struggle amd criticisms ara prereguisites for greatness. That is the law of this universe and no one escapes it. Because pain is life. But you can choose what type. Either the pain on the road to success. Or the pain of being haunted with regret.

You want my advice. Don't think twice. We have been given a gift that we call life. So, don't blow it.

You are not define by your past. Instead, you are born a new in each moment. So own it now. Sometimes you gotta lift, and grow your wings on the way down. You better get the shot off before the clock works out. Cause there's no overtime in life, no do over.

And I know I sound like I'm preaching on speaking with force. But if you don't use your gift and you sail not only yourself. But the whole world, short.

So what invention do you have buried in your mind. What idea? What cure? What skill did you have inside to bring out to this universe. Uni meaning one, verse meaning song. You have a part to play in this song. So grab that microphone and be brave. Sing your heart out on live stage.

You cannot go back to make a brand new beginning. But you can start now and make a brand new ending.

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