If You're Not Committed, You're Not Going to Make It.

You cannot be a believer until you see your own life and the misery thereof and want to change it. Are you committed? Because without commitment, nothing happens. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

If you don't learn to give, like you learn to get. Every area that there is not reciprocity, it will die. Reciprocity. What do you give back for what you get? If you're not committed, you're not going to make it. Even the ones with the personalities you don't like.


You have to be committed. Through the Strom, and the rain, and the heartache, and the pain, and the disappointment. You have to believe in the "we" and the "us",  and not the "me" and the "you". It's a commitment, it's not a felling.

Until you have had the taste of finishing. You will not respect yourself. Until you follow through, until something is done, come hell or high water. Tears and struggles and pain, and you go through it anyway and you show up, and you continue to fight on no matter the circumstances. After awhile, something begins to whither inside of you. 
Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise.
 Anytime that you need something that you can't give to yourself you're at the mercy of somebody else and when they don't come through, you got pain. And what you become is the consequences of what you didn't get.

It's an urge. Truth be told. Every champion has felt it. Every president has felt it. Every King has felt it. Every lion has felt it. Every winner has felt it. Every soldier has felt it. Every victorious person has felt it. The urge, to quit.

Don't you give up on your dream. I don't care if you don't have the money. Or you don't have the health. And you don't have the family for it. And you don't have the background for it. And you don't have the friends for it. Don't you give up on your dream, don't you do it. Don't you do it.

Don't you do it. It may take you twice as long. You may have to take courses and classes. You might not read as fast. You might not move as quick. You might not have as much. But don't you quit.

Don't you quit, you do make a difference. You do make difference. As weak as you are. As tired as you are. As many mistakes as you make. You do make a difference. There is something they would lose if you were not there. There is something that they would miss if you were not there. You do make a difference! 

Be Inspired.

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